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Furnace break on the first night of real cold? Has your AC stopped working in the middle of summer? Looking to install energy-efficient solar heating? Whatever your energy installation or maintenance need, Absolute Comfort, Inc. is here to help.
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Heating and Cooling Service, Repair and Installation Within Your Budget

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We are committed to helping our clients enjoy the comfort of their own home. Heating and Cooling Service, Repair and Installation Within Your Budget

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At Absolute Comfort, Inc., we provide comprehensive HVAC services for your home. From heating and AC maintenance to water heaters, solar products, and indoor air quality solutions, our skilled technicians ensure your comfort and efficiency. Trust us for prompt, high-quality service to keep your systems running smoothly.

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From installation to maintenance and repair, our comprehensive HVAC services ensure your home's comfort and efficiency.

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Heating Maintenance Services FAQ

How Often Should Heating Systems Be Serviced?
Routine heating maintenance services are crucial to the performance and longevity of your heating system. As such, we recommend that our customers schedule a heating service at least once a year. The best time to service your heating is in the fall, before the cool weather arrives, ensuring your home is prepared.
How Long Does a Heating Service Take?
The duration of your heating service will depend on the type and size of your heating system and its current condition. At Absolute Comfort Inc., we take pride in our prompt and efficient workmanship. As such, we aim to keep our heating maintenance services between one and three hours for your convenience.
How Do You Service a Heating System?
Our heating maintenance services are comprehensive solutions. We take the time to carefully inspect your entire system, identifying any signs of concern to curate repairs as needed. We then thoroughly clean, replace filters, lubricate, and verify the pilot systems, ignition, and thermostat before testing the system to ensure safety and optimal function.
What Are the Signs That My Heating System Needs Maintenance?
We strive to satisfy heating service needs before our customers’ systems display signs of wear. However, if your system is in desperate need of a tune-up, you may notice one or several of the following:

Uneven or inadequate heating
Strange sounds
Increased utility bills
Insufficient temperature regulation
Unusual odors

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