Radiant Heating Systems in Colorado Springs, CO

Get a Radiant Heating System for Your Home or Business

Absolute Comfort, Inc is equipped to install the best type of radiant heating system for your home or place of business. Our service begins with a thorough evaluation of your home or commercial space. Based on the dynamics of your property, we will suggest the most effective and efficient system. With over 30 years of experience, we are certified to install electric and hot water-based radiant heating systems in Colorado Springs, CO. When you hire us for radiant heating system installation or service, you can be sure that you will have a safe and efficient source of heat for you and your loved ones. We hold many local certifications, including Better Business Bureau accreditation. Our technicians are also trained to install heating systems from the most trusted brands. Call us to begin a consultation.

How Does a Radiant Heating System Work?

Radiant Heating Systems in Colorado Springs, CO

Radiant heating is an efficient and effective way to keep your house warm in the cold winter months. Radiant heating works by installing heating elements under the floors and behind wall panels. The infrared heat passes through the surfaces, providing enveloping warmth throughout your household. Radiant heating systems can rely on hot water or electricity – it will depend on your preferences and your home’s heating needs. These systems are a great alternative to forced air heating because radiant heat can pass through objects. So it doesn’t matter how your home is laid out, or your furniture is situated.

What Is a Typical Radiant Heating System?

The most common types of radiant heating systems are water-based and electric. A water-based system is usually referred to as hydronic radiant heating. It involves a circuit of tubing installed into the floor and/or walls. Water is heated in a central boiler and distributed throughout the tube circuit to provide radiant heat. With some systems, you can control the temperature in individual rooms by restricting or increasing hot water flow. An electrical system uses mats with wires weaved into them. The mats are installed on the floors and walls, and the wires are heated with an electrical current.

Benefits of Radiant Heat Panels for Your Home

Many people are switching to radiant heating systems because they offer distinct benefits over other systems. Here are just a few:

  • Fewer Allergens – Because radiant heating systems don’t rely on ducts and forced air, they don’t distribute allergens throughout your home.
  • No Ductwork – Radiant heating systems do not require any ductwork. This can be advantageous if you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one.
  • Less Maintenance – Because radiant systems don’t use ducts, you will never have to call someone out for duct cleaning.
  • Efficiency – Water-based systems use very little electricity. Several sources, including oil, gas, solar panels, or wood, can also power the boiler.
  • Even Heating – Radiant heating systems provide even heating throughout your home. The infrared heat passes through objects and warms them.
  • Whole Home Heating – These systems can be designed to heat your entire house. There are also temperature control options that let you fine-tune the heating in each room.

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To ensure you get all the benefits of radiant heating systems, dial our number. Our experts can help you design a radiant heating system that will meet your home’s heating needs. Our professional installations will also ensure your system works properly for many years. Call Absolute Comfort, Inc for customized radiant heating systems in Colorado Springs, CO.

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