Air Conditioning Repair Offered In Colorado Springs, Co

There are cooling units everywhere in your home, and when one of them goes bad, what will you do? Turn to Absolute Comfort to provide you with the services you need right now that you won’t find with other air conditioning repair contractors. Our team of highly trained, skilled, and reliable technicians will be at your home or business quickly and ready to handle any type of problem, regardless of the model and brand of your unit.
We understand the importance of getting your air conditioning unit working at its full potential as quickly as possible, which is why we offer services you won’t find elsewhere. When you need an air conditioning contractor in Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding area, you need someone with the skills needed to fix your problems on the spot. That’s where Absolute Comfort, Inc. comes in.

Our air conditioning repair services include:

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AC Repair in the Colorado Springs & the Pikes Peak Region

As temperatures rise, do you notice that your A/C unit just can’t keep up? Don’t sweat; call Absolute Comfort. Our team of skilled ac repair technicians will be there to diagnose the problem, with the most likely scenario being that your air conditioning unit needs service, cleaning or repair. We’ll diagnose you’re A/C unit and make recommendations for any needed repairs or service.
If you think you are in need of Freon or refrigerant, your unit has likely sprung a leak. Leaks can be caused by a number of factors, but don’t necessarily mean that your HVAC unit is in need of replacement. Our air conditioning repair service will diagnose problems and if no repairs are needed we will have your unit running in no time. And with our annual maintenance and service plans you can be certain your A/C will keep your home or business cool for years to come.

HVAC Clean & Check Inspections for Better Energy-Efficiency

An annual clean and check inspection can mean the difference between a repair and a replacement. With our thorough air conditioning inspection, we’ll diagnose A/C problems like leaks, excessive usage, and strange noises that can be associated with your air filters, hoses, fans, or vents. Our goal is aligned with yours. We want to assure your air conditioning unit is repaired or replaced, as needed so that your home and family can achieve a higher standard of comfort.
Our regular maintenance includes cleaning or your unit, fins, and evaporator coils and searching for leaks with an electronic leak detector. Most of all, it involves a thorough inspection of the unit. Improper maintenance can cause as much damage to your unit as neglect, which is why it’s important to have a highly skilled air conditioning contractor like Absolute Comfort provide the necessary inspections and repair. Annual inspection can not only improve the longevity of your unit, but it can save you money overall.
If your Colorado Springs, CO air conditioning unit needs an inspection, it is not too late; contact us today!

Improve Energy Efficiency with an Air Conditioning Upgrade

Affordable air conditioning is an essential part of your day-to-day life. Whether you need to cool a large office complex or small home or apartment, having an HVAC system that saves you money is important. At Absolute Comfort, we have a large selection of the most energy-efficient air conditioning units available for you to choose from.

In addition to installations of new units, we offer energy upgrades for your current air condition system. When we perform our annual clean and check inspections, we always provide recommendations for the proper repair and maintenance needed to assure your HVAC system is running efficiently. In addition, we offer our advice for A/C upgrades, from fans and vents to duct insulations and replacement units, that will ensure you are getting the best air conditioning for your dollar year after year.

Absolute Comfort is dedicated to providing you with a higher standard of comfort. When you’re in need of A/C repair, replacement, installation, or part upgrades in the Colorado Springs, CO, area—from the smallest leaks to the largest problems—you can count on us to provide you with the service you need at a price you can afford. Just for you, we also offer unbeatable discounts for being our friends and neighbours. We look forward to helping you!

Schedule comprehensive air conditioning repair or service with the most trusted team of AC repair contractors in Colorado Springs and the greater Pine Peaks region, by calling (719) 266-2279.

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